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WhIP Presents: Hawk Divine

HD cover2

Our second book, Hawk Divine, is now available in paperback and on Kindle. Written and illustrated by Janice Duke, Hawk Divine features her eight Egyptian Gods portrait series, along with previously unseen illustrations. The book is structured around eight short stories that unfold in a modern context, exploring aspects of each of the eight deities presented. From the author herself:

Syncretic, supernatural and definitely different, I really hope you enjoy it!

When Illuminated Press hopes you do to.

Stepping from dusty temple walls, crumbling papyrus and long forgotten stories in ancient tongues, eight Egyptian gods come forth into our modern world. Through liminal spaces and altered states of consciousness pour the tales of their ingress and adoration. Hawk Divine asks us to wonder: Do spirits and monsters walk among us? Does the magic of imagination, word and image evoke gods into existence? Can the wisdom of a meaning-rich, poetic and life-affirming past save us from a meaningless, robotic and desolate future?

Featuring Janice Duke’s eight Egyptian Gods portrait series as full page illustrations, as well as eight new illustrations – including two double page images of Horus and Set – the text comes to life in full colour. Step into an enchanted world: this world.